November 28, 2023

Warming Up for Later

warming up for later

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Redhead doesn’t want to wait. She wants to jizz! So when her friend is running two hours late, Ginger makes the best of her time and diddles her cunny till she orgasms.

This little redheaded pulls down her top to play with her pierced nipples. Her boobs are short and perky and sport a light tan line. She peels off a skin-tight skirt and hangs out in her skivvies, eventually letting her hand wander down to her crotch for a light stroking. Redheaded eventually removes her panties to play with her innie pussy, which is a perfect pink slit. She turns around, showing off her ass, and twitches as she cums.

This was just the warm-up; the reality action comes later when she gets stretched out by a thick cock. </p
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