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Unselfish Lover - Modern Day Sins - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Unselfish Lover – Modern Day Sins

The folks at Adult Time present two erotic tiny films about people infatuated with oral pleasure.

Modern Day Sins is a new Adult Time Studio that offers seven new series in one, each based around one of the notorious Seven Deadly Sins. Proud Pervs is based on the sin of pride, and themed around having sex with other people nearby such as public sex, exhibitionism, nudism, couple swapping, cuckolding, and more. A rep described “Cum Gluttons” as turning the spotlight on “all manner of oral fixations” and “an overindulgent gourmet dish that will leave viewers craving more, more, more.”

In this case, we get to witness two lascivious tales, the first featuring a dame getting over a bad breakup by confiding in their mutual friend about their unsatisfying sex life — and the second exploring a sordid, budding relationship between a young fiancée and her future in-laws. I think the cast really worked here, especially Candice Dare in her non-sex role.

Gabi Paova and Codey Steele (“Unselfish Lover”):

Gabi Paova breaks objects off with her boyfriend because he’s bad in bed, and although she’s upset about objects ending, she’s much more frustrated with the terrible sex they had. When Codey Steele (their mutual friend) shows up to comfort her, Gabi finds herself sharing every unsatisfying detail with him. Some back and forth consoling banter leads Gabi to admit that she’s always been interested in Codey, and before long, Codey reveals that her “assets” have not been lost on him. And the fact that she never climaxed with her ex adds more fuel to the fire. There’s lots of kissing between these two, but the first big moment is when Gabi announces that she’s going to sperm as Codey is fucking her gently in missionary. With the narrative buildup, this scene hits like a heavyweight champion in the first round; it’s damn powerful. Gabi shudders in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure roll through her, and objects get more excellent the longer Codey bangs her. The athletic cowgirl is awesome, and Gabi’s orgasmic response to sliding up and down on Codey’s stiff rod is worth the price of entry.

Gianna Dior, Bridgette B and Rob Piper XXX (“Sucking Up To the In-Laws”):

Gianna Dior is getting married, and she’s understandably nervous. She invites her future in-laws over and asks if they would be willing to give her their opinion on her wedding dress, which they agree to enthusiastically. Before long, Gianna’s future mother-in-law has coerced Gianna into showing them exactly how she plans to take care of their son. What started off as a fiancée looking to impress her in-laws turns into Gianna getting absolutely railed by Rob Piper while the devious Bridgette B looks on with lustful approval. Rob certainly lives up to his name with this scene, laying the pipe big time on both chicks without rest or mercy. At one point, he has Gianna’s entire body rattling under the force of his powerful thrusts, and the way they polish him off in tandem is downright filthy.

This is an interesting venture from Gamma Studios, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’ve long been a fan of Gamma and the way they approach porn, and I’m always down for sex that takes its inspiration from the Seven Deadly Sins.