July 25, 2024

Substitute Teacher Craves BBC – Melanie Hicks & Ace Bigs

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Substitute Teacher Craves BBC - Melanie Hicks & Ace Bigs
Melanie is sitting in the classroom at her desk, because she is substituting for Ms. Chase’s class this week. A man named Ace Bigs walks into the classroom, looking for Ms. Chase. Melanie tells him that she is the substitute for the week. ‘Ms. Chase and I have a special deal going on lately. How do I say this? Cory takes care of my needs and I take care of Cory’s needs, and in exchange, she makes sure that my step-son passes her class,’ Ace confesses to Melanie. Melanie stands up beside him, and she is wearing a black skirt with a purple shirt. She quickly removes her purple shirt, while telling Ace that she believes she is capable of doing the same thing that Ms. Chase has been secretly doing it with him. Melanie gets down on her knees in front of Ace and she starts to give his BBC a blowjob. She gives him a blowjob for a few minutes, and then she moves into the doggystyle position, leaning against her desk. Ace lifts up her skirt and he starts to bang her pussy from behind. Her big tits bounce back and forth with every thrust from behind. She then moves into the missionary position on the desk next. He pulls his dick out of her pussy and then he leans down and eats her pussy out for a few moments. Then he puts his BBC back inside of her pussy afterwards. Ace sits down on the teacher’s chair and Melanie gives him another cocksucking. She uses her hands and her mouth simultaneously. Then she moves back into the missionary position on the desk, and he bangs her pussy with his BBC for a few more minutes. When he is ready to sperm, he explodes inside of her pussy! Some of his creamy white spunk drips out of her tight pussy… ‘I’ll substitute for Cory’s class any time she wants!’ Melanie exclaims.