March 1, 2024

Sofia Deluxe: So Eager to Please

sofia deluxe so eager to please

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“I love to have my photo taken and I love to make videos,” XL sweetie and girl with the perfect breasts Sofia Deluxe wrote in her latest model bio. “It’s so different from being on a webcamera. I have fun and I enjoy looking at the work when it is finished. Sometimes I wonder exactly what the pho, tographer is thinking. I never worry about the SCORE photographers. They are very professional and courteous. There was a long time between shootings because of the pandemic, so I am very happy to be back.”

Sofia’s first boy-girl shoot was a crowd-pleaser. “For a first-timer, Sofia Deluxe did an excellent job riding that guy’s rod in reverse cowgirl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lady last longer in that position. Very nice view!” wrote Titbert.

When Sofia fingers her pussy in this video, the squish-squish sounds are loud and clear. “I masturbate constantly. I began masturbating early. I can’t keep my hands off my breasts or my pussy.” Sofia’s young and her body is slammed out those horny hormones so no surprise about that.

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Source: I Am Porn