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Sex Addicts Anonymous: Relapse - Pure Taboo - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Sex Addicts Anonymous: Relapse – Pure Taboo

“Sex Addicts Anonymous: Relapse” features two provocative, tense, erotic tales of obsession, starring a brace of intoxicatingly attractive, marvelously slutty starlets in the form of Charlotte Sins and Paige Owens.

Playing a recovered sex addict, Seth Gamble writes in his diary that he’s found peace with himself, his obsession with sex having been “lifted” — but (ha!) not for long. He’s now a counselor for sex addicts at the clinic, where Gamble meets a new patient, played by the here-comes-trouble Charlotte Sins, at the clinic of her own free will, though still at the urging of her concerned parents (who are in the waiting room, though we never see them). Gamble is immediately on edge upon meeting the flirtatious, devastatingly attractive Sins, who proudly confesses her need for sex, including how she watched porn on her father’s laptop behind his back, masturbating 12-15 hours a day and dropping out of school as a result of her “addiction.” Sins tells Gamble how she soon craved sex first-hand, finding lovers through dating sites, until one day, her parents found her pounding a 75-year-old dude in their home. Sins is a true maneater, instantly sensing Gamble’s tension, getting totally naked in front of him, and causing him to — you got it — have a “relapse” as he helplessly falls prey to Charlotte’s late-night charms.

The sex between Sins and Gamble is nothing petite of apocalyptic. Charlotte is amazing as a seductress, and when Gamble finally gives in, the passion is over the top. Sins is in her element as she ravenously gags on boner. Seth first penetrates her sopping pussy by hoisting her upon his raging hard-on, slammed her missionary off the ground, then upon his office desk. “This pussy is slammed yours,” the stone fox pants to him as he rams away. What a perfect pair of tits and butt cheeks on Sins! Watch how she shakes her butt during cowgirl upon his desktop. Doggie is equally super — first against Gamble’s desk, then against a wall. “You’ve been waiting to destroy a pussy like this,” she tells him as he hammers her doggie against one wall, then the other. “I feel pounding hypnotized by that rod,” she purrs. Then, it’s even deeper doggie upon the fucking floor, followed by squatting via cowgirl upon the desk, then standing missionary against the wall — which might sound awkward, but it’s one of the horniest positions, with Charlotte’s fine bum jiggling before (“I’m a cum-hungry tramp, and I pounding need it!”) she joyously takes his load upon her beaming face. Charlotte scoops it off her face and feeds it into her mouth. Whoa!

In “Watch Your Step,” we have another gorgeous gal, the delicious Paige Owens (one of my all-time faves), playing a call girl whose customer is an mature guy, John Strong, with a serious fantasy about having sex with a stepdaughter. Owens plays the latter part to help realize Strong’s wet dream, which slowly unfolds at his gloomy-looking home. Owens is nervous about doing the best job she can in the midst of such a slightly crazed customer. And it’s a nice change of pace seeing Strong, usually in gonzos, in a serious role. He’s pretty good, too. Owens is as well. She begins with a marvelous, to-the-bone blowjob, even rimming Strong at one point. Good girl! All positions with perverted Paige are outstanding. Cowgirl and doggie, of course, let you really focus on that ass-tounding derriere, while we get to fully enjoy her pretty face, tasty all-natural boobs, and sweet pussy during missionary; Strong eventually coats said snatch with cum. At the story’s conclusion, we learn more about Strong’s dark secret and his real-life stepdaughter.

Both stories here are well-scripted and believably acted (though Gamble is a bit too high-strung from the get-go in his particular scenario, not allowing himself room to gradually go bonkers over the irresistible Sins). Our two female performers obviously delight in their separately animated interludes of sucking and nailing, especially Sins, whose electric sequence with Gamble is positively awards-worthy.