July 25, 2024

Sahara Skye’s Post Fight Seduction – Jax Slayher & Sahara Skye

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Sahara Skye's Post Fight Seduction - Jax Slayher & Sahara Skye
Jax Slayer was watching the fights when his girl Sahara Sky approached him to have sex. Jax told her to relax and wait till the fight was done. Once fight was done Sahara started playing with Jax’s dick with her feet. Jax was all about it. Letting her stroke his penis was getting Jax rock stiff, then Sahara put Jax’s rod in her mouth and then got brave and jumped on top of it and rode him till she had an orgasm. Then Jax slammed her feel until Sahara guided Jax’s penis into her pussy with her feet. Jax pounded her out reality stiff into multiple climaxes until he busted in her face.