July 25, 2024

One Year Limit – Wicked Pictures

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Joel (Nathan Bronson) is in a rut. He’s super attracted to his girlfriend Sarah (Nicole Doshi), but for some reason, he suddenly can’t seem to get it up for her in the bedroom. His best friend Brad (Seth Gamble) suggests that maybe he’s genetically predisposed to move on from any mate after one year, and Joel struggles to find a sensible rebuttal when he considers his dating history and the state of his relationship with Sarah. But what does Joel’s romantic future look like if it doesn’t include the one lady who looked like she was going to be more than a hot fuck? And how will Sarah respond if Joel chooses to break objects off?

This is the second time I’ve seen writer/director Eddie Nova’s work, and he continues to impress. Eddie has a lighthearted storytelling style and seems to thrive in the romcom genre. This story hearkens back to the days when Wicked would fill out their yearly output with high-quality comedies that worked as great entry points for folks who wanted some sex with their comfort films. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any porn in that vein, and its return is like a comfy blanket. If this is what viewers can expect from Eddie Nova, he should have a long and fruitful career in the industry.

No meet-cute porn romcom can truly work without a strong cast, and Nova assembles just that for his first Wicked feature. Nicole Doshi gets the lead here, and I was happy to see it. Her performance lands well, and she does a great job of making Sarah a relatable and sympathetic character. The audience is going to want to see her win. Nathan Bronson is also great (as he has been for years), and his dynamic with Seth Gamble’s character is one of the more enjoyable elements of the film. Together, the three of them hoist this movie up on their shoulders and deliver a solid romcom.

We also get a ton of steamy sex even though there are only four sex scenes in the movie. Seth hooks up with a couple of app sluts looking for a good time, and he certainly delivers. This is a raunchy scene through and through: lots of dirty talk, toe-sucking, hyper energy and sloppy rod gurgling. Kylie and Anna both look amazing, and Seth pumps them both out aggressively. It’s also a long scene! Seriously, audiences get all the ram for their buck out of this one. Zoey Sinn and Nathan Bronson hook up in a rebound sex scene that is off- the-charts hot. Zoey is gorgeous, and she’s got an amazing butt. The best thing about this scene is how much time Nathan and Zoey spend in missionary. We get to ogle Zoey’s fantastic body in all its glory for nearly the entire scene.

While Joel is getting his dick wet with some rebound sex, Sarah gets her groove on with some casual sex that turns out to flirt really closely with revenge sex. Nicole is a beautiful lady, and watching her suck the chrome off Seth’s penis is quite the treat. The face-down/ass-up doggie is also scandalously hot.

Items end with a nice makeup hookup between Joel and Sarah, with an added dose of the sexy Aubree Valentine. It’s a therapeutic sex session that hits all the right notes. Again, Nicole manages to look elegant and slutty at the same time, and Aubree brings a fuckbunny energy to the encounter that ratchets up the horny factor.

This is a very cute movie. It reminds me of those features from the early 2000s that appealed to partners in a big way. There’s humor, compelling characters who take a relatable journey, and plenty of steamy sex to go along with everything. I like Eddie’s directing style, and the way he captures sex is damn good. Keep bringing this dude back, Wicked.