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Nicole Rae in Stuck Step Daughter (Parts 1-3) - Luke Longly & Nicole Rae - Adult Industry News
April 18, 2024

Nicole Rae in Stuck Step Daughter (Parts 1-3) – Luke Longly & Nicole Rae

Nicole Rae in Stuck Step Daughter (Parts 1-3) - Luke Longly & Nicole Rae
Games with Step Dad-

I’m (Nicole Rae) wearing a red tank top and jean shorts as I walk into the garage, looking for my step-dad’s new bright red sports car! I climb into the front seat of the car and then I strip out of my clothes. I am so horny that I want to masturbate inside of the car! ‘I hope no one catches me!’ I whisper to myself. I start to finger my pussy while I’m sitting in the front seat, and unfortunately for me, my step-dad (Luke Longly) walks into the garage a few moments later! He catches me red handed with my fingers inside of my pussy! My step-dad wants to play a game with me. He says that I have to find the car keys that are hidden somewhere inside of the house. If I win and I find the keys, I will be able to drive his car around town naked. I get out of the car and I start to search other parts of the car for the keys. I end up getting my left hand stuck inside of the net under the hood of the car. My step-dad grabs my butt cheeks while I am stuck and there is nothing I can do about it! My step-dad comes up behind me and he starts to pound my butt hole from behind first! He reaches up and he grabs my natural tits as he screws me. He switches holes and he starts to nail my pussy next, followed by my ass again. ‘Is this supposed to help me get unstuck?’ I ask him. He tells me that yes, he is trying to bang me out of there! I end up getting my hands unstuck, but now she still has the rest of the house to search for the keys…

Stuck in Step Bro’s Bed-

I walk into my step-brother’s bedroom and he tells him that I’m just searching for our dad’s car keys. He starts to freak out over me being naked, but I tell him not to worry about that. I hop on top of his bed and I start to search the sides of the bed for our dad’s car keys. I stick my hands down the edge of the bed, and I end up getting my right hand stuck this time! My step-brother decides to take advantage of this situation, so he pulls his stiff penis out from under his shorts. He moves his dick over to where my face is and he shoves his rod in my mouth. Then he moves behind me and he starts to nail my pussy while I am stuck on the bed. While I am still lying down on my stomach in the bentover position, he starts to fuck my butt and pussy back and forth. He eventually pounds me until I get unstuck, but then we continue to pound on top of the bed. He screws my pussy in the missionary position, and he accidentally cums inside of me. ‘I hope you’re on birth control…’ he exclaims. Now I have to keep looking for my step-dad’s car keys! Where could they be…?!

Stuck in the Couch-

I decide to go searching for my step-dad’s car keys on the living room sofa next. I end up sticking my hands deep into the side of the sofa, and I get my hands stuck again! My step-dad walks into the room and he starts to laugh when he sees that I am naked with my hands stuck inside the couch. I am in the dawg position with my bum and pussy up in the air, so my step-dad walks up behind me and he starts to grab my bum. He puts his cock in my mouth and I start to give him a blowjob while I am still stuck. Then he moves behind me and he starts to slam my ass from behind. He fucks me so hard that I end up getting my hand unstuck! Then I switch positions and I sit down in the missionary position so he can continue humping my pussy and my ass hole. When he is ready to spunk, he has me get down on my knees in front of him and open my mouth wide. Then he jerks his rod off into my mouth and all over my face!