November 28, 2023

Lizzie Bakery Celebrates Her Grand Opening at XLGirls

lizzie bakery celebrates her grand opening at

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Lizzie Bakery has great, big cakes, a totally beautiful face and oven-hot sex appeal. She gets into bed and waits for Alex to join her for a bed-bouncing, nipple sucking dick-down. He’s there in a flash because you never keep a beauty waiting for one second when she wants the big boy.

They share a passionate kiss before they get busy. Alex sucks on Lizzie’s nipples and licks her butthole and pussy. She gets on top of him and sticks her tits in his face for more boob worshipping. Then she switches direction so her pussy can get more tongue flicking.

Lizzie cumswallow this dude’s cock to the root and vigorously rides his pole. The rod sucking, pussy licking and nailing is fast and furious. When Lizzie squeezes his penis between her large, beautiful boobs, she pops his nuts and gets a cleavage full of jizz. Lizzie Bakery: a fantastic addition to the XLGirls galaxy of stars.

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