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Lauren Hill at XLGirls: Chesty Curvy Latina - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Lauren Hill at XLGirls: Chesty Curvy Latina

lauren hill at xlgirls chesty curvy chica

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One of our sharp-eyed photographers found sexy Lauren Hill during his ongoing model search for XLGirls and SCORELAND. Lauren was eager to join the show at XLGirls. Watch and enjoy lovely and fleshy Lauren as she does the big reveal and shows off her massive boobs and juicy ass.

“I always look for the largest-sized bra I can find, but it’s difficult for me,” Lauren said. “Whenever I go out, I wear a bra but at home I don’t wear one. I get a lot of attention and I like it. I get even more attention being a model. I’m happy my body pleases the men who see my photos and videos.”

XLGirls: Do you exercise?

Lauren Hill: No. Sometimes I ride a bike. I played volleyball in school.

XLGirls: What are your hobbies?

Lauren Hill: I like to draw and decorate. I think I’m good at drawing and decorating.

We’ll see Lauren again soon. She’s a feast for the eyes.

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