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Heather Babe - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Heather Babe

Heather Honey Heather Honey
Heather Beauty @
Why is it all the college boys want to do asshole on her? What’s up with that? Pussy isn’t good enough anymore? It has to come with a visit down the other hole? Meet college student Heather. She’s a sophomore in junior college dealing with the anal fever embracing all the dudes on campus. Seems a bunch of girls are giving out backdoor action and now it’s expected of her. But won’t it hurt Heather thinks. So here she sits with her pound buddy Lawson in class after it has ended and she asks the teacher about it. Being a male of the world he tells the students about when he was in the army back in Italy and the Italian girls preferred their anus when combined with a penis in the pussy too. Seems the double penetration treatment provides some friction on the clit and enhances the anal so it does not hurt. Heather knows a man of knowledge when she sees one so she asks the professor if he would not mind helping her down that asshole highway. Shocked but this is junior college after all, he decides what the pound. Let’s help the young dame out. Soon Heather has two giant ebony dueling cock snakes in her sweaty petite hands as she tongues and swallows on the heads. Pussy dripping and snatch yawning she feels her sphincter dilating. Ok maybe this two rod action is the way to go. Soon she is getting her pussy banged and stretched and she feels her tweenie preparing itself. When the cock goes into her bum she is already cumming on the rod in her cunt so it slides in like a knife through butter. Balls screwing she finds herself being rutted deep and hard by the meat sticks buried deep in her love canals. This is like no other feeling in the world? Why didn’t anyone ever tell her of the wonders of double penetration? These thoughts cascade through her young sandyhaired brain as she gets her double penetration education.

Heather Honey Heather Honey

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