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Facialized, Vol. 9 - Hard X - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Facialized, Vol. 9 – Hard X

Blowbangs are most definitely the special of the day with on the “Facialized” menu; the lusty women involved sometimes sucking as many as seven or — as in the case of mouthwatering Liz Jordan —10 cocks. Wow! Amazing, too, how ‘artistic; the mouths on these dick-hungry sweeties can sometimes be. Hell, let’s dive right in… as the dames quite literally dive in!…

Cover model Leana Lovings is one of those adult starlets who just looks way too cute for porn, but she proves how truly dirty she really is by cheerily handling her own seven-cock suck-fest. What I love about Lovings is how attentive she is to each dick she blows, frequently looking up at the males being orally serviced, and even looking at guys waiting to be sucked; silently, via warm eye contact, letting them know that they’re far from forgotten. Lovings gets plenty of saliva on man-meat, too. And you simply can’t help but adore this beauty, what with her darling, over-sized plastic-framed glasses and ever-beaming smile. One man even goes down and starts eating her pussy while she’s tirelessly sucking pulsating boner and boner. And, of course, the lads get her upside-down on the edge of a sofa during an oral-train; Lovings fully digging her gnarly dick-dunking session. And look how the boys ultimately plaster her face with rod custard. She’s a keeper, alright!

Next is nasty Charly Summer, orally taking on her own posse o’ pud-times-seven. Summer is definitely more aggressive in her penile choking than Leana, going balls-deep as best (and as frequently!) as she can. And those pricks really blast out Charly’s tonsils during her own upside-down suck-off inter-lewd. She’s a total trouper! In lieu of pounding her pussy, the boys pump her big-but-not-overly-so boobies. Summer (like all of the chicks) steadily diddles her pussy throughout her session, wanting to get off like the men, who eventually cocoon her mug with prick-paste.

The gorgeous Spencer Bradley is up next, flaunting a huge, big-lipped mouth that was born to suck penis, after cock, after cock… and she loves every inch of her seven-dick oral attack. Spence loves taking it deep down her gullet and making loud, offensive noises while doing so. Check out how she goes to the base of many a prick oh so X-pertly. And what a wide, sincere, radiant smile on that pretty face, as they boys unleash their loads o’ semen upon her. “I don’t even think I can open my eyes anymore,” she jokingly states at one point. “I love feeling all of this warm, gooey spunk all over my face!” Hey, we love you, Spence baby!

And our gonzo-suck-fest cum-cludes with the beautiful, delicious Liz Jordan, who bravely takes on 10 (count ‘em 10!) cocks. Aside from that classically pretty face, Liz has one tight, killer spinner of a bod. Umphh! The men really ravage her throat, though she totally gets off on her mouth massacre, going as deep humanely possible with each shaft. Like Leana, Liz is such an innocent-looking gal, it’s stiff to believe she’s in the jizz-whiz biz. But she is! Thank heavens! I love, too, how Liz tries to keep her eyes fully open as she gets ‘em temporarily pasted shut with one major load o’ jizz after another. Liz rocks!

Each of these dick-famished vixens is a vision to behold; my own personal faves being Lovings (so cute), Bradley (so alluring), and Jordan (so all-around perfect!). Abso-fucking-lutely worth checking out!