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Desperate Times - Jimmy Michaels & Bambi Barton - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Desperate Times – Jimmy Michaels & Bambi Barton

Desperate Times - Jimmy Michaels & Bambi Barton
Hard times make strong guys. Except for Jimmy Michaels, he’s weak. And not hard – not yet, anyway. But when his slutty stepsis Bambi Barton is getting changed with her door open, Jimmy snaps a few pics of her juicy tits. Jimmy ain’t no dummy! Now off to the bathroom to tug it. Except Jimmy IS a dummy and doesn’t lock the door, so naturally Bambi walks in on her stepbrother beating his meat. To her tits! Jimmy explains he hasn’t had sex in a whole year. Bambi feels sorry for him and charitably offers her boobs up to be jerked on. As Jimmy wanks his willy to his stepsister’s exposed tits, she feels a pang of pity. How pathetic her stepbrother looks. She decides to jerk & suck her loser stepbrother – somebody has to do it! Jimmy manages to take her to the bedroom and rub on her pussy enough to get her a little wet. Bambi lets her desperate stepbro slide his rod into her pussy and she’s actually mildly impressed as he rams away at her hole. Until he starts sniffing her pantioes – what a pervert! That doesn’t stop this twangy teeny from hopping on board and bouncing her fine bum on her stepbro’s cock. He even managed to eke an orgasm out of Bambi. She rewarded him by letting him nut in her pussy & boy oh boy did Jimmy ever unleash in there!