November 28, 2023

Daisy Bean

Daisy Bean Daisy Bean
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Daisy is off to college and trying to maintain her long distance sweetheart. While at the dorm Daisy was arguing with her long distance boyfriend. This made her upset. So she called her college guidance counselor Jovan to talk about her problems back home. Daisy has heard through the grapevine that Jovan has pounded a few of the college students and that hes packing a huge penis. Jovan calls Daisy into his office to discuss how she has been getting accustomed to college life away from home. Daisy mentioned that she was fighting with her boyfriend back home and that has her upset. As Jovan was listening, Daisy started rubbing his leg. Jovan pushed her hand away and told her that was unprofessional. Then Daisy told Jovan how she heard that he has a huge dick and that she knows that she has rammed out a few of the other college girls. Then Daisy goes to rub Jovons penis asking if she could see it. Daisy promised Jovan that it would be their petite secret. Then Jovan pulled out his big rod so Daisy could suck it. Daisy could barely put it in her tiny mouth. Then Jovan humps Daisy in missionary till she busts a nut. Then Daisy gets brave and sits on it. Daisy rides that huge rod till she busts another nut. Jovan humps her in doggy so stiff that he busted a nut all over Daisy’s face. Daisy is now loving college life and has seemed to forget all her boyfriend problems back home.

Daisy Bean Daisy Bean

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