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Cory Chase in Step Mom is my Teacher - Cory Chase & Parker Simpson - Adult Industry News
April 18, 2024

Cory Chase in Step Mom is my Teacher – Cory Chase & Parker Simpson

Cory Chase in Step Mom is my Teacher - Cory Chase & Parker Simpson
First Time-

My step-son, Parker, is in his bedroom and he is jerking his dick off with his eyes closed. While his eyes are closed, I walk into the room and I interrupt him. He confesses to me that he was only practicing because his girlfriend said that he isn’t very good at sex. ‘Do you want somebody older, like me, to show you the ropes?’ I ask him. I strip out of my bathrobe and I pull his underwear off too; Then I climb on to the bed and I start to lightly stroke his rod. Then I place my lips around his dick and I try to throatin as much as I can. I put his hard penis in between my big tits and I titty ram him for a while. When he gets close to cumming, I wrap my lips around his penis again and I suck him off.

Step Mom Cums First-

I’m lying on the sofa wearing silk purple lingerie, when my step-son, Parker, walks into the living room. I stand in front of him and I start to tease him with my body. I hop on to the sofa and I start to give him a cocksucking. I climb on top of him and I ride his penis in the reverse cowgirl position. I flip over into the cowgirl position so he can suck on my nipples while I ride him. I move into the bentover position next and he starts to bang my pussy from behind. I lie down in the missionary position next and he continues to ram my tight pussy! When he is ready to spunk, I tell him to stop pumping me, and I put his penis into my mouth instead! I wanted to swallow all of his sperm and that’s exactly what I did…

My First Anal-

I’m sitting on my bed wearing purple lingerie, as I call out for Parker to come sit next to me. When he sits down, I tell him that he’s been inside all of my holes except for one: my ass. I start to stroke his rod and then I put his face in my tits. I lie down on my stomach next, and I spread my butt open wide for him. He decides to fuck my pussy first, saving my butt for now. I flip over on to my back and he starts to fuck my pussy in the missionary position next. While I am still lying on my back, he starts to fuck my butt hole this time. I climb on top of my step-son and I ride his rod with my pussy, followed by my ass. I ride his penis in the reverse cowgirl position and then I go back to the missionary position. He keeps fucking my pussy in the missionary position, until he gets close to cumming. Then, he jerks his penis off into my mouth and I drink it all! A little bit of his sperm even went flying on my spex!