March 1, 2024

Cory Chase in BBC Championship Season 6th Man – Cory Chase & Ace Bigs

Cory Chase in BBC Championship Season 6th Man - Cory Chase & Ace Bigs
Contract Negotiations-

Cory is meeting with one of the team players, and they’re ready to discuss contract negotiations for the next 10 games. As the coach’s wife, she is ready to do whatever it takes to make sure this player does his absolute best job! ‘As the coach’s wife, I am ready to provide some extra motivation for you…’ Cory tells him. Cory suggests that he go try on the basketball jersey in the other room, and while he is changing, she also changes into a hot pink lingerie set. Cory instructs him to sit down on the table and then she pulls his shorts down to the ground, revealing his huge BBC! ‘You’re going to be a great fit for this team,’ Cory tells him, as she puts his penis in her mouth. After she sucks his penis, she sits down in the missionary position on the table, and he starts to pump her pussy.

Am I worthy?

A few minutes later, he picks her up and he carries her over to the bed, where they can resume pumping each other. She lies down in the missionary position again, and he continues to screw her with his BBC. Then she stands up and she moves into the dawg position, so he can nail her pussy from behind. She blows his penis and licks his penis clean, before she climbs back on top of him and rides his dick in the reverse cowgirl position. She flips over into the cowgirl position and continues to bounce up and down on his BBC. She moves into the 69 position and he eats her pussy out while she is sucking his penis. She lies down in the missionary position again and he pumps her pussy until he is ready to sperm. ‘Feed it to me!’ Cory begs. He pulls his penis out of her pussy and he jerks his penis off into her mouth.