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Bella Rico - Adult Industry News
April 18, 2024

Bella Rico

bella rico

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Bella Rico arrived for her massage appointment, got naked, and got comfortable on the massage table. He worked her body from head to toe, putting oils on her and gently rubbing every inch of her soft skin. He kneaded her ass then flipped her over so he could rub the front, paying extra attention to her perky tits and shaved pussy. Having his hands all over her body turned Bella on so much she reached over, took his penis out of his pants, and gave him head while he fingered her pussy. She was so turned on when he slid his penis into her tight pussy she almost started cumming immediately. Locking eyes with him, she loved every inch as he screwed it in deep. When she got on top, she rode in just the perfect way, hitting her g-spot and sending herself into a full-body shaking, toe-curling orgasm that felt so good for them both he had to pull out and unload all over her great tits then the bad girl licked his cock clean. She’ll be back for another massage next week!


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