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Ace And The CuckBoy - Adult Industry News
May 30, 2024

Ace And The CuckBoy

Ace And The CuckBoy Ace And The CuckBoy
Ace And The CuckBoy @
Billy is my fishing pole. I tell him to grab black males for me and he does it. Yes he does it with hesitation but that white boy knows where his bread is buttered. I spotted a ebony man at the bus stop and Billy got him to fill me up with big black rod. Billy can balance a checkbook, program computers, and is an electrician but one thing he can’t do is make me happy in bed. Ace was a tiny concerned at first but he took to my pussy in seconds. When I wasn’t sucking his penis I was riding it. I wanted to nail Ace for hours but I like to switch my ebony men around.I thought Billy would do a good clean up job but the lazy asshole didn’t do what his queen wanted so that means we’re through. I’m tempted to send some of my ebony hump buddies to go jump him.

Ace And The CuckBoy Ace And The CuckBoy

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