July 25, 2024

Accidental Double Date – Adult Time

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Usually double dates are a planned good time. But sometimes they’re not, and in those times, plenty of sexual shenanigans can occur.

Touted as the perfect pick-me-up for fans who are feeling a tiny on the frisky side, Adult Time’s latests brand Oopsie is designed as a comedic alternative to the oftentimes dark and sinister stories that come out of the popular studio. Studio head Bree Mills wanted an imprint that would be the polar opposite of her more serious themed projects, and Oopsie, with its outrageous situations and high energy sex, is her solution. As is the case with other brands under the Adult Time umbrella, Oopsie contains content for straighty, gay and trans fans. There’s no preamble to these scenes, they just get right to the sex with the most minimal of story set-up which, in this case, is a series of situations that lead to accidental crew sex. That said, it still works.

Tori Easton, Jade Venus and Chanel Camryn:

This campy, ‘50s inspired scene blends comedy schtick and over-the-top drama. Tori and Jade are aliens that have captured the helpless Chanel. In a callback to those oldschool alien sex tales, Chanel is in for a serious probing as the aliens seek to understand the weird human anatomy. The set has a vintage sci-fi vibe complete with a reflective examination table, sporadic electrical pulses flashing across the walls and a psychedelic color palette that shifts between blue, pink and purple. The costumes are simple body suits and head pieces, but they fit right in. Tori and Jade look great taking turns nailing Chanel’s plump pussy, with Tori impaling her from behind in a particularly scintillating sequence. Both women end up coating Camryn’s cute face with cum, leaving the captive human completely enamored with the extraterrestrial couple.

Siri Dahl and Ariel Demure:

A double date gone wrong … or right? Siri and Ariel are at the movies with their dates, but they couldn’t be less interested in them, instead preferring the company of each other. Again, an over-the-top campy sequence leads to the men bailing, leaving Ariel and Siri alone with nothing but time and opportunity. I’ve always liked Ariel Demure, and she looks fantastic next to the voluptuous Siri Dahl. Watching Dahl ride Demure at the start is worth the price of admission, and everything beyond that is a bonus. Siri inhales Ariel’s penis deep at one point, causing Demure to groan with pleasure in a way that is going to get a lot of viewers over the finish line (mainly because Demure has such a suy voice). She ends up unloading all over Siri’s ample butt before the usher chases them out of the cinema.

Korra del Rio, Dillon Diaz and Charlotte Sins:

Korra the cat burglar is … not much of a burglar. After bungling her way into the home of Dillon and Charlotte, she barely starts to rifle through the kitchen drawers before getting caught (Dillon striking the frying pan is a great gag). But when Charlotte rips off Korra’s mask to reveal her beautiful face, the couple decides a different punishment is in order. There are some incredible positions in this scene, including one where Dillon bangs Charlotte from behind while Korra stands over her and fucks his mouth hungrily. There’s also a train with Korra slammed Dillon from behind while he rams Charlotte from behind that is equally erotic. The facespunked is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and is definitely for the dirty at heart.

This is a fun project that is a petite light on story, but heavy on silly, sexy fun. Porn and camp have always worked well together, and director Stella Smut executes that marriage quite well. Each scene is better than the previous, which is what you want in a vignette style film like this, and the sex is more than adequate to set the libido churning.